Jon Norris is an environmental portrait/street photographer from Rockville, Maryland right outside Washington DC. 

I have a passion for portraiture and an even bigger passion for photography. 

Through a mix of evocative colors and distinctive black and white environmental portraits/street photographs, my focus is on on highlighting people in their natural environment, capturing as many subtle nuances as possible.

The unparalleled beauty of human pathos shows in the people's faces, hands, the clothes that they wear, and their bodies. Like the weathered carvings of rivers against canyons, our lives can be tough and wearing. To be able to portray the human condition through the medium of photography has been a gift from the people of the countries where I have been welcomed. To quote Stephen DuPont, “Photos are given, not taken.”

Jon launced his career after working as first assistant to Vogue Thailand and U.S. Correspondent to GQ Thailand, Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack. While assisting Mr. Mccormack, Jon also photographed celebrities and top models for DestinAsia Media Group.

Now 23, Jon spends his time traveling between his hometown and working overseas where he is currently self-producing, photographing, and creating personal projects close to his heart.

Jon's work has been featured by Entrepreneur Magazine, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Lecia Cameras, Destin Asia Media Group, AFI Film Festival, Vulkan Magazine, & Bethesda Magazine. 


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